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It has been a few years since we all began this wonderful KnitWit journey and we are all thankful that God has taken us along on the trip!!!
This blog has been started so we can share ideas and encouragement in this craft. Loom Knitting is seeing its resurgence in popularity. And for those who are new to this, pattern reading can seem a daunting task. We have all learned so much from each others' unique designs...

So, please chime in!

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Sock it to me!

We had a GREAT time on Thursday learning how to make socks!  BIG thanks to Ann for being such a wonderful teacher!!!! As promised, here are the instructions to help refresh your memory...have fun!!!

When making socks with our Knifty Knitter looms, they do come out bulkier, so think of it as more of a slipper. :)
Items needed are:
~ small size loom
~ pick
~ needle
~ two skeins of worsted yarn

Let's get started!
FIRST ~ wrap and knit about 10 rows, just like you would for a hat. Then fold over and make a "brim". This will serve as your cuff.  If you would like, purl the next row to help the ankle portion be a little more snug fitting.
 ~ wrap and knit 5-10 rows for the ankle portion. (totally up to your preference there).
 ~ for the heel portion, wrap pegs 1 through 12 only. Knit them over and repeat for a total of 4 times back and forth.
~ With the tail of your yarn at peg 1, move the loop on peg #12 over to peg #11...do not knit over.
~ Wrap from peg #1 to peg #11 and knit over. At peg #11, knit over all the "bottom" yarn as if it were one wrap.
~ With the tail of yarn @ peg #11, move the loop on peg #1 over to peg #2...do not knit over.
~ Wrap from peg #2 to peg #11 and knit over. At peg #2, knit over all the "bottom" yarn as if it were one wrap.
~ Repeat this until you have 3 empty pegs on each side.

~ Now reach inside loom and place loops on the three empty pegs AND one peg on each side of the three empty ones.
~ Wrap, as usual all the way around. Knit over all the wraps, including the ones that are doubled.
~ Continue to the desired length for the rest of the foot and take off just like a hat.
~ Tuck knotted ends  in.


Thursday, July 15, 2010

Triangles on the Round Loom

Triangle Shawls are easier than you tink!!!


~ With the large round loom, purl on first row of 9 to 12 pegs.
~ Knit following rows of the same width, until the length is the same as the diameter of your loom.
~ Then with every row out from the beginning peg, wrap one extra peg.
~ Knit the pegs over and then wrap back to beginning peg and knit over.
~ Keep adding until you go all the way around.
~ At the last peg, repeat wrap and knit back and forth 3 to 5 times. (odd number important)
~ After the last knit, with tail at the beginning, reduce by one peg on the other end. Simply lift stitch off last peg and place under the stitch on the next door peg...then knit over.
~ Wrap to the end and knit over and wrap your way back and knit over.
~ Repeat reducing every time you return to the beginning peg until you get to your original width of your sash. (the 9-12)
~ Again, knit back and forth for the 9 to 12 width to finish your sash the same length. (some eyeball this, some measure, some like to count rows...whatever floats your boat!)
~ Take off loom like a normal shawl or scarf.

Fringing looks great, too! Start from under edge of arm and go all the way around and back up.
TAH ~ DAH!!!!

Purling On

Let’s start with something FUN ...

This cap was made on the green loom, or adult size loom.
The brim is easily accomplished by first knitting 17 to 20 rows. Then from the center of the loom, lift the first row up and place each loop onto the peg it lines up with. As you do the last two pegs, or so, tuck the tail from your beginning into the brim ~ complete the circle.

Next, knit all the posts over just as if you’re knitting regularly.
Tah-Dah!!! Brim!
Now knit one more row. Then purl two rows on and finish up the hat to size.