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It has been a few years since we all began this wonderful KnitWit journey and we are all thankful that God has taken us along on the trip!!!
This blog has been started so we can share ideas and encouragement in this craft. Loom Knitting is seeing its resurgence in popularity. And for those who are new to this, pattern reading can seem a daunting task. We have all learned so much from each others' unique designs...

So, please chime in!

KnitWit Vocab...

In the fun of learning to loom knitting together, we have had to invent a few terms for ourselves and some we learned on line in others' posts....so, we thought we'd better start putting them all in one place for help in reading our patterns! enjoy!!!

KnitWittery ~ to participate with KnitWits (includes loom knitting, needle knitting, crochet and other fiber arts!)

Apple-Berry ~ to tie off, move or decrease posts. Lift post A (apple) and move post B (berry) over to post A. Then place post A back on top. Knit over. Decrease or tie off complete! 
Bob ~ button-on-bottom. That's our term for that little peg on the side of the loom. Bob comes in handy very often.

Fuzzling ~ when yarn suddenly fizzles off into fuzzy wisps as it unravels. (usually in the middle of a skein)

Knitover ~  lift loop of yarn over existing wrap on peg.
Loosey-Goosey ~ a reminder to keep the yarn loose soo it can be picked over the loom peg.

Purl ~ Place working yarn across peg.
 Scoop up yarn thru existing yarn to form a loop.
Pull new loop and existing off of peg.
Place new loop back onto peg.
Pull on working yarn to tighten loop.

Tink ~ the act of 'un-knitting', to take a project off the loom in order to start over. Knit spelled backwards is...Tink! 

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