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It has been a few years since we all began this wonderful KnitWit journey and we are all thankful that God has taken us along on the trip!!!
This blog has been started so we can share ideas and encouragement in this craft. Loom Knitting is seeing its resurgence in popularity. And for those who are new to this, pattern reading can seem a daunting task. We have all learned so much from each others' unique designs...

So, please chime in!

Monday, October 11, 2010

Cross-Hatch Hat

Is this cute, or what!!! And so easy, too!
Ann made this cute cross hatch hat last Saturday. 
First, she knit two pegs, purled two pegs all the way round.
Repeat that for several rows, then alternate and repeat.
The flowers were made using the small flower loom.

 And there are MORE fun things with hats!
These hats have flowers, buttons and some purled rows...
wonder what is next?!?!

Hats with matching booties...ready for Mexico!

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